Ruth Peniston
Executive Vice President

Zattier Marvin



Zattier Marvin Is the president of Cwa local 3641. I have been with American Airlines since 1998. I sat on the E board for three years as an Area Rep, but I have engaged as a shop steward long before getting my credentials. I am looking forward to working with all of you.


I started with Piedmont in 1987 in Newark New Jersey. I served as EVP and president in Philadelphia, local 13301, and have continued to serve as a shop steward in Raleigh and Charlotte. I am looking forward to serving as EVP for local 3641.


Sadia Azad
Area Rep

Deanna Messer


representative for SAV and MYR

I was hired by US Airways in 2015 and became a shop steward in June 2016.



I have been with US Airways since March, 2004. I have been a shop steward since 2006 and was elected to serve on the executive board as an Area Rep in 2007. My current position as Secretary/Treasurer started in July, 2013. I love being a part of CWA and the Executive Board.


Rich Garcia
Area Rep

Brent Baldwin
Area Rep


representative for MSY and CHS

I started with America West in 2005. Became a shop steward in Las Vegas with the teamsters and continued as a shop steward when I transferred to CLT. Originally from Chicago I have a long history in Union matters learning much from my mother who worked for CNW railroad and having worked there myself as a member of United Transport Union prior to my airline career.

representative for GSO and ILM

I started with American in 1998 in Raleigh res. After 9/11 I was laid off and have worked with Piedmont/ US Airways Express in Charlotte and GSP. I began with US Airways in 2006. I became as a shop steward in 2009.


Jennifer Swingle
Area Rep

Angeline Karpeh
Area Rep


Jennifer Swingle
                                312-607-8808                                                                                                       representative for BHM and SDF

I began my career with PSA / US Air in Pittsburgh in 1992. My career continued to customer service in 1995 with America West Airlines in Columbus and Indianapolis. I began working for US Airways in Charlotte in 2005. I look forward to serving as area rep for local 3641.

                               704-400-4218                                                                                        representative for ATL and MEM

I started my career with PSA / US Air in Charlotte 1989. I started on the ramp and have worked in catering, admin, medical testing, cars and as a customer service agent where I am now. I have enjoyed it and I am still enjoying working for the industry. I look forward to serving as an area rep and doing my best!


John Pascucci
Area Rep

representative for RDU and BNA

John started with US Airways in Charlotte in January 2005 as a CAR and became a CSA in International in February, 2006. John has been living in the Charlotte area with his wife, Linda, since 2000.  Both are originally from the Chicago area. He worked in Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Hartford and Baltimore before moving to Charlotte. He has three daughters from a previous marriage and five grandchildren.