March Message from the President

This past Tuesday, March 6.  I met with CLT Management Team along with Deanna Messer.  Ruth was attending a Service Recovery Forum in DFW.
We discussed bringing back the seniority list when doing mando, Pax extra lines on the bid and reasoning for not assigning to an area in advance, Adding mando and mando briefings to task manager and the history of task manager.
Management has stated that they have used this list in the past. They will look into putting these out again. They are unsure as to why this went away in the first place and will check into the possibility of going back to the method of posting the seniority roster. This will hopefully help with applying mando properly.
Management reason for the Pax extra lines and not assigning agents 2 days out on the bid are as follows: Mgmt has stated this is their preferred method because they need the flexibility of the agents to cover the operation. While they say they understand the frustration, they also state it's a double edge sword. They need a pool of people to fill in the holes when they have sick calls FMLA call outs and vacation. Once agents are given an assigned area and have to be moved because of operational needs, then seniority plays the part to move someone. They want the flexibility there and are able to use these agents to fill in the gaps. It was also mentioned by mgmt that they may ponder the idea of looking at offering block VTO when there are so many Pax extra lines and agents are plentiful. (I am not a fan of this)
As far as adding mando and briefing times to task manager. Management stated that they would look into this. However with briefing times being added mgmt is still going around to the gates and passing out docs with the briefing items. Mgmt also noted that these briefing items are on the bulletin boards in the break rooms. Also agents need to see the CSM in that team if they miss the briefing.
I also discussed staff manning and its ability to provide history.
Ex: A building block of the time that an agent was assigned a task to what gate and by whom. Management has said they are sure they can but Dalia will research. Mgmt also noted staff manning does not have a lot of reporting capability. They also added that same day history you can see however, it does not have the capability to go back to the previous day.  It's cumbersome to look at the history and the CSM's do research to look at this, but is limited to the operation.

I am still fighting to make things better for us all.
Note: If you don't grieve or report it, then I cannot address it.

In Blessings,

Zattier Marvin, President
CWA-local 3641

April message from the President

On March 27 and 28, we had our President meeting for District 3.

Ruthie and I met on the first day with Presidents and VP's of the other locals.  Staff Rep Vonda Hardy along with District 3 VP Richard Honeycutt and Marge Krueger were in attendance.  On Day two Labor joined us for the discussions.

Some of the big topics discussed on day one were: Jet-ways, mandatory, inconsistencies within mgmt, diversity training, coaching's after thirty (30) days, task manager, road shows for CK (concierge key) members. On day two, The Presidents discussed how to speed up the QSB (quarterly system board) Step III and arbitrations, also the possibility of relieving some of the work load from the staff rep by assigning someone else to the Airline division, mgmt not allowing agents time to do their learning hub, additional training for those who request it and being free to ask a question without retaliation.

We discussed if a Jetway is inoperable that the agent should make management aware or the city and let them know it is a safety issue not an act of insubordination when refusing to drive the jet-way. Mandatory is a problem in every station.  We all agree that this is the one thing that mgmt until they get it correct.  We spoke about the way mgmt give different briefings but on the same topic.  From morning to afternoon the briefings differ.  Mgmt are not all on the same page but expect the employees to get it correct.  We also talked about how mgmt needs to be better trained and the fact that they continue to violate their policy but want to hold us accountable.  We have suggested that it be addressed on a higher level.  There were huge concerns about diversity training especially in the MIA local.  There certainly needs to be a scrutiny on the training mgmt receives (or the lack there of).  It was unanimously agreed that it is not being utilized for the betterment of all.  Coaching after thirty days by mgmt is not considered discipline.  I truly begged to differ and even stood.  coaching's are the very foundation in which the level is built upon.  I made it very clear that mgmt need to make every reasonable effort to issue the coaching in the thirty day time frame; especially when the agent is at work and not trying to elude discipline.  Agents being assigned a task before the start of their shift or even within five minutes of the start of their shift are unacceptable.  RES discussed how AA use to do road shows educating employees on the importance of CK members and all their entitlements.  We also asked if we can bring these back to the hub cities.  We posed to Marge the question of shortening the time it takes to get a Step III Hearing and get to arbitration.  Labor has agreed to work with Marge more cohesively to achieve a more timely resolution for the Step III.  We all agreed that Vonda the Staff Rep for District three is being spread thing.  We suggested adding a part-time staff rep to help alleviate Vonda from being so inundated with so much work.  This would help the Presidents frustrations of needing Vonda and her not being available.  We discussed ways that agents can get their mandated learning hub assignments done when so busy.  One solution to curtailing issuing ECR to employees that I suggested to labor was; they add learning hub courses to task manager as they do when they want an employee to see mgmt for discipline.  Labor liked the we'll have to wait for the decision.  Also, some employees feel that once they have been out of an area (ie:tkt/gates) on medical leave they need retraining.  We all agree that if training is requested by an employee, it should be given.  If this is not being granted, please reach out to one of the shop stewards.  Finally we discussed the employees asking a question when they are unclear on briefings and neither is mgmt.  We all have the right to question that which is unclear, without fear of retaliation.  If you don't ask the question then you don't get the answer.  Asking questions is the intelligence of the inquiring one to be educated on that which is procedurally correct.  I still continue to fight for a better working environment.  Remember speak up to be heard, grieve it to be answered and share it to make it known.

Zattier Marvin-President