January Message from the President

On Jan 9 we had our Presidents meeting.  In attendance were, Airport Presidents and Res.  We discussed meeting twice a year versus once a year.  As a way of uniting both groups, IBT and CWA, a coalition meeting will be part of this bi-yearly meeting.

Discussed some of the issues that continue to plague the morale of their group.  One that list were Severe Weather and The Company Attendance Control Policy.  Weather points, referred to as non-moveable and none triggering are being charged to the rep on the next occurrence.  That so-called non movable is used against the rep as, now movable.
There is inconsistency among Res offices in respects to the company policy items.  The Company is offering 16 hrs for Reps in INT, PHX and RNO, but not for Reps in DFW, RDU or TUS.  We discussed not everyone is using the star as a means to check mandatory over time, and how we can be on one accord across the system.  We should not go seeking to mandatory ourselves.

Customer Service Agents
We covered Safety, Airport Rage, and Posting Shifts with No Meal, Language Premium, Mando and giving the additional notice once the 3-4 hr. duration has expired.  Deicing fluids – Is found on the handle of the aircraft doors when agents are meeting the planes.  Asking that gloves be placed on the jet bridges for safety against toxins from the fluid.  Airport Rage – Agents are being attacked which are often times, traumatic.  We are calling on the Company to have a policy and protocol in place, not only to protect our front-line, but also offer some assistance in respects to counseling if needed.  This is in addition to the FAA Reauthorization Bill.  Posting Shifts with No Meal Posting – Shifts are being posted with the “no meal” being identified or changed halfway through or shortly after the bid starts.  It can mean the difference of getting paid 20 hrs. versus 22.5 hours.  Language Premium – It is an ongoing battle for our Spanish speakers to get paid the language premium in some cities.  Spanish speaking agents are being moved to work flights departing to Mexico and MIA but are not being compensated for their dual language.  Grievances have been filed.  Mandatory Over Time  - This is an ongoing issue.  Not only here in CLT, but in other cities and locals as well.  From MIA to ORD from DFW to LGA we all have the same frustration and eagerness for mgmt to preplan and follow protocol with respects to Mando.  Other issues that were addressed with local mgmt were defining the FDC duties, D3 role, SIDA Badge protocol outside the sterile area, accepting Duty Free Items and Airport Rage.

FDC Responsibilities
The FDC works in conjunction with the CSC responsible for the gate/flight and liaises with all departments involved with the departure of the flight to ensure the flight departs on time.  To support their role, the FDC utilizes the FDC Checklist (attached) to record an accurate timeline of the departure processes and events.

Their role is to support the flight to ensure it departs on-time which may include tagging bags or check-in customers; at that point, the D3 would be responsible for verifying travel docs.  Travel document verifications are the responsibility of the person or automation that conducts the check-in process (i.e. agent, Kiosk or at the first point of contact.  The boarding agents are ultimately responsible for verifying that the customer has their possession, the signed passport or travel doc when they board the aircraft.

SIDA Badge
Here is CLT (AA) requires all employees to have a valid SIDA badge displayed while on duty.

Duty Free
Mgmt was not aware that this was even being asked of employees.  In the meantime, CSM have been briefed to advise agents not to accept duty free items.

Airport Rage
American take these matters very seriously and we have a zero-tolerance policy against physical assault to any employees.  We investigate each claim of assault vigorously and in some cases the customers have charges levied and other cases the customers are black-listed from traveling on AA.  These are handled on a case by case basis and we cannot apply a blanket guideline to all claims, AA, Corporate Security and our HR Business Partners are always engaged when these situations arise.  In addition, they work closely with CMPD and other agencies to support our employees.

Kindest Regards,

Zattier Marvin

September Message from the President

On September 25th I met with CLT MOD team along with Ruth Peniston and Deanna Messer to discuss the continuing issues here in CLT.
Some of the issues we discussed were agents not getting paid in a timely manner after being asked to extend shift by staff manning, mandatory, airport rage, staff manning and cameras in the boarding areas.
*When you are asked to extend your shift by a member of staff manning you need to fill out the exception log as they have their own internal log to get it done.  However, if that fails…all you do is call ext 2592 so that a member of staff mgmt may have it taken care of.  The Union stand is to just fix the problem so that employees do not have to chase their money.

*WE also discussed mandatory as this seems to be an ongoing issue.  We discussed asking for volunteers before invoking mando.  Also placing the inverse seniority list on break-room doors so releasing by seniority can be made easier and utilizing the shift extension sheets to call in overtime.  Mgmt will correspond with admin to obtain the sheet of those signed up for shift extensions so that the CSM on the floor may contact them as Admin closes its operation at 2100.  This will allow those agents to come in early who are signed up and allow agents affected by the mando who have no interest in staying beyond that 3-4 hour window the opportunity to leave.

*Airport rage is sadly increasing.  As I addressed the issues on Airport Rage concerning the interactions between employees and passengers…Mgmt has assured us that they take these actions very serious and want to protect their front line employees.  Mgmt have placed some passengers on a no fly list which is increasingly growing and have even banned some passengers from flying on AA for a certain length of time.  Agents have the right to file charges with the magistrate office and mgmt will afford them the time to go and do so.  Also, when the Airport Police refuse to do reports (because they feel it’s too cumbersome) please ask to speak with their Superior.
*We discussed the staff manning problem with reference to the little time agents have between task and the constant inundating agents with gate changes.  Mgmt is working on giving agents more time between tasks.  Also when agents are within a task they are not required to check their task.  If agents are being moved they must be called on the phone at their current gate or advised by their superiors.  Mgmt have said they are currently working on ideas to make gate manning less overwhelming for agents. 

*Cameras at the gate areas have been said to be a creepy invasion of one’s privacy…so to speak.  Mgmt stated the primary use of the cameras is to monitor delays and not to look at agents.  They will speak with the MOD of the tower as to why they are calling questioning agents as they should not be overzealous of their primary focus.
Mgmt has said they are looking into making a schedule that fits the operation.  The Company is having dialogue on pulling the data over the past five years for the upcoming summer.  As we know flights don’t go on schedule but on the operation.  Mgmt is looking into making a schedule conducive to the operation in the upcoming year.  It is not approved for the 2019 budget because it’s not IROPS but the reality in that same analysis.
Staff manager is looking to be more visible on the concourses to have a feel and view of the operation versus from a dark room.

Jet-bridge replacement has been put on hold due to the manufacture who installed the jet-bridges on A concourse are having some issues.  The Company wants to be sure they are going with the right manufacturer for their 23 jet-bridges that need replacement.

Continue to give a voice to the things that matter to you.

Zattier Marvin - President

August Message from the President

On July 31st I met with CLT mgmt team along with Ruth Peniston and Deanna Messer to discuss the continuing issues here in CLT.
Some of the highlights of that roundtable discussion were mandatory, staff manning, dust on B-con and agents leaving earlier due to getting sick while the construction continues.
Mandatory continues to be an issue that we are constantly tackling.  Mgmt must adhere to the hour notice when it comes to mandatory.  Volunteers need to be sought first and then mando should be assigned in inverse seniority order and then releasing by seniority…not by time off.
Dynamic Manning is continuing to inundate the agents from manual manipulation of task, (agents being assigned two tasks at the same time) little time between assignments and conflict between dynamic staff and the agents that is causing a hostile work environment.
We talked about ways to alleviate the agents from having back to back task.  We basically need to get back to the basic with dynamic manning.  Rafael has agreed to address issues with dynamic manning CSM’s.  It was also mentioned that they have some changes coming to dynamic manning.  I am in hopes that this will alleviate a lot of the cumbersomeness of task and hostility between the mgmt and agent group.

In reference to the ongoing construction on B-con, we discussed mgmt role in making sure that the special services counters are cleaned prior to agents getting in to work in the morning.  It was the consensus that the weekend crew was not cleaning the counters versus during the week.  The early morning CSM should be checking the counters to make sure that they are free from debris, dust etc.  If this is not happening then please notify a MOD.

Also employees were leaving work early due to the fumes from the new construction of Jersey Mikes.  It was asked to mgmt would agents incur a point if they left early due to the fumes and dust from adhesives being used.  Dalia said it would be a case by case basis. 

I visited the Airport on Aug 20th and 21st to discuss the LOA (Letter of Agreement) that was discussed between Marge Krueger and the Presidents and then signed by Marge.
The Company will reduce the employee contributions for the Core Option of the Medical Plan for plan year 2019 by 30% (Core option Reduction).
I supplied the break-rooms with fliers of the tentative core plan prices.
I truly believe that this is a replicate from last year’s LOA.  It is my opinion that the company is trying to get the members to switch to this cataclysmic health care “CORE” to save the company money.  To reduce the Core’s premium annually by (21%) while increasing Standard and Value plans is a purposeful stratagem to out price the better health care plan and force our members to the health care plan that in the long term will cost us more.  I don’t think it is in the best interest long-term for any of us.  Marge is supposed to follow up with the Presidents with the complete package details.  I will advise members when this happens.

Roadshows are scheduled Sept 25th – Oct 20th

I will continue to address and fight the issues that matter to us all.
Remember silence is the reason most things go unchanged.

In Unity,

Zattier Marvin-President

June Message from the President

Our normal April/May meeting with the MOD's was cancelled.
Via email I have addressed the following issues, concerns, and constant contract violations.
Mandatory OT, Staff manager (dynamic manning) I-Learning, lunch breaks and mgmt interrupting agents while on break.
There is a difference of opinion seemingly when it comes to agents being afforded the time to complete I-learning.  However, I have asked for I-learning to be placed in the agent's task.  I am still awaiting an answer.  After discussing the lunch breaks and advising the mgmt team of agents concerns they have assured me that the issue with interrupting agents while on break has been addressed.
The Month of June was pretty hectic for us as Ruthie, Deanna and I attended conferences in FLL and DCA.
We had our monthly MOD meeting on June 26
During the meeting we discussed mandatory and meeting with the group of stewards put in place to assist staff manning with the process, I-learning, dust surrounding special services and the gates.
Mandatory continues to be a problem as we addressed following the one hour (1 hr) mandatory rule, asking for volunteers and releasing in order.
The focus group of shop stewards is to assist mgmt with mandatory and the proper procedure when it comes to assigning and releasing agents during mandatory overtime situation.
We discussed agents not being afforded the time to get I-learning done.  Mgmt has assured me that if agents ask to get their lessons done they are pulled from the floor (operations permitting) to make sure it is completed.
I addressed the air quality on B-concourse.  Mgmt has stated that they will speak with the city to address these issues and concerns.  Also management noted they may have to shut down B special services to get the work done but was unsure of a time frame for this.
Agents are to contact a CSM when they arrive at their prospective work areas and find dust or debris from the previous night.
Dalia have asked us to remind the employees that all A6W passes must be used by December 31st but keep in mind they must be booked 21 days in advance and there are blackout dates.

Rather a concern, an idea, suggestion or a contract violation.
If you don't speak up I cannot address it.

Zattier Marvin-President

April message from the President

On March 27 and 28, we had our President meeting for District 3.

Ruthie and I met on the first day with Presidents and VP's of the other locals.  Staff Rep Vonda Hardy along with District 3 VP Richard Honeycutt and Marge Krueger were in attendance.  On Day two Labor joined us for the discussions.

Some of the big topics discussed on day one were: Jet-ways, mandatory, inconsistencies within mgmt, diversity training, coaching's after thirty (30) days, task manager, road shows for CK (concierge key) members. On day two, The Presidents discussed how to speed up the QSB (quarterly system board) Step III and arbitrations, also the possibility of relieving some of the work load from the staff rep by assigning someone else to the Airline division, mgmt not allowing agents time to do their learning hub, additional training for those who request it and being free to ask a question without retaliation.

We discussed if a Jetway is inoperable that the agent should make management aware or the city and let them know it is a safety issue not an act of insubordination when refusing to drive the jet-way. Mandatory is a problem in every station.  We all agree that this is the one thing that mgmt until they get it correct.  We spoke about the way mgmt give different briefings but on the same topic.  From morning to afternoon the briefings differ.  Mgmt are not all on the same page but expect the employees to get it correct.  We also talked about how mgmt needs to be better trained and the fact that they continue to violate their policy but want to hold us accountable.  We have suggested that it be addressed on a higher level.  There were huge concerns about diversity training especially in the MIA local.  There certainly needs to be a scrutiny on the training mgmt receives (or the lack there of).  It was unanimously agreed that it is not being utilized for the betterment of all.  Coaching after thirty days by mgmt is not considered discipline.  I truly begged to differ and even stood.  coaching's are the very foundation in which the level is built upon.  I made it very clear that mgmt need to make every reasonable effort to issue the coaching in the thirty day time frame; especially when the agent is at work and not trying to elude discipline.  Agents being assigned a task before the start of their shift or even within five minutes of the start of their shift are unacceptable.  RES discussed how AA use to do road shows educating employees on the importance of CK members and all their entitlements.  We also asked if we can bring these back to the hub cities.  We posed to Marge the question of shortening the time it takes to get a Step III Hearing and get to arbitration.  Labor has agreed to work with Marge more cohesively to achieve a more timely resolution for the Step III.  We all agreed that Vonda the Staff Rep for District three is being spread thing.  We suggested adding a part-time staff rep to help alleviate Vonda from being so inundated with so much work.  This would help the Presidents frustrations of needing Vonda and her not being available.  We discussed ways that agents can get their mandated learning hub assignments done when so busy.  One solution to curtailing issuing ECR to employees that I suggested to labor was; they add learning hub courses to task manager as they do when they want an employee to see mgmt for discipline.  Labor liked the we'll have to wait for the decision.  Also, some employees feel that once they have been out of an area (ie:tkt/gates) on medical leave they need retraining.  We all agree that if training is requested by an employee, it should be given.  If this is not being granted, please reach out to one of the shop stewards.  Finally we discussed the employees asking a question when they are unclear on briefings and neither is mgmt.  We all have the right to question that which is unclear, without fear of retaliation.  If you don't ask the question then you don't get the answer.  Asking questions is the intelligence of the inquiring one to be educated on that which is procedurally correct.  I still continue to fight for a better working environment.  Remember speak up to be heard, grieve it to be answered and share it to make it known.

Zattier Marvin-President