CWA has appointed Frank Spencer from DCA to the uniform committee.  We are in need of 7 additional members for the working committee and 30 additional wear testers. The working committee including Frank will meet in Dallas on January 9th. Please send me a volunteer from your local to serve on the committee. I need you to submit your names by December 3rd to me. This committee will meet at least once and volunteers may be asked to be a wear tester. 

By December 10th I need 30 more volunteers to be wear testers please submit those names to me . 

Below is an update on the status for the uniforms. 

Our first meeting was on October 12, 2017 in Dallas. We met with five uniform companies and they each had 90 minutes to make their presentation. Affinity Apparel, Aramark, HPI, Lands’ End, VF Imagewear and WorkwearGroup were the five companies. At the end of the day, most members on the team felt like Lands' End presented the best product. 

Our next meeting was at Lands' End headquarters and distribution center in Dodgeville, WI on October 26, 2017. We toured their facilities and met with members of their staff. The visit reinforced our decision that Lands' End is a great company and deserves our business. They are the biggest maker of school uniforms in the US.

On November 2, 2017, sixteen of us left the US to visit factories in Asia. The group included 9 headquarter staffers, 3 CWA/IBT officers, 1 APFA officer and 3 Lands' End executives. We visited a total of four factories in China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. All four factories were clean, appeared safe and offered humane working conditions.

If awarded our contract, Lands' End will follow voluntary protocols to certify their uniforms are free from harmful chemicals. One such certification is Oeko-Tex. This program will certify that buttons, thread, fabric and the final product are safe for our members.